They’ve been racing motorcycles at the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona since 1947, but they’d been racing horses even longer; the first county fair, in 1922, included harness racing and even chariot races. With the decision to move the ponies to Los Alamitos this year, it looks as if the 2014 Pomona Half-Mile might be the last one, but for now things are still up in the air. In any event, word got out, and this year’s Grand National Championship season-ender was even more of an event than usual. Relatively anyway. The beauty of flat-track racing is the up-close and personal perspective it allows; this year’s event was a veritable Who’s Who of American motorcycle racing.

  • Old MOron

    Awesome report, John. As a matter of fact, I was hoping to attend the races, but instead I’m sitting at home with a cold. I shouldn’t have wussed out.

    • Goose

      What he said. I went to Pomona once but having to deal with LA made the many times longer ride to Sacramento seem like a better idea for my annual pilgrimage to ‘Merica’s racing roots.

      If you get a chance go to a dirt track race. I’ve been to lots of races, the worst dirt track race I’ve ever seen was better than half the road races I’ve been to.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Very cool.

  • COD

    Good clean racing this year !