6. TZ250


There are three or four TZ250s lounging around the shop, bikes without a country now that four-strokes are in fashion. You kids will just have to believe us when we tell you what a spectacle it was for all the senses to see a full grid of these things blast off in a cloud of Castrol fumes. And anybody who was lucky enough to turn a few laps on a TZ will always understand the difference between a pure racebike and a “diesel.” The aerodynamic droop tail on this one marks it as a late-model TZ of 2000 vintage, and Redpath confirms it came from someone affiliated with the Roberts clan – which did run for a season or two on Lucky Strike dollars. This unit may have been a back-up bike or assembled from spares, judging from its nearly completely unmolested freshness, original grips, and lack of battle scars.

  • Old MOron

    “I really don’t know where he finds the time, but Red says this one will be completed in time for the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show in December, along with two other bikes.”

    Uh, the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show is in November this year.

  • I had a great time visiting Redpath’s shop, just amazing the stuff he has packed in there.