Top 10 Things Jeremy Toye Needed to Win the 2014 Pikes Peak Hillclimb

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8. A Good Chassis Setting


You need a bike that’s capable of racing Imola and jumping the Grand Canyon.

I’m still very perplexed on what setting works best. The bottom of the course has fast sweeping turns with positive camber. You could run close to a short-circuit setting. The middle section is slow and tight; for it you need something that pivots very well and has good exit grip. The upper section is faster off-cambers, where you need a bike that’s soft enough that you can get the chassis loaded with minimal pressure. And the very top section is like a Supercross track. Scratch that: Supercross tracks are smoother. It’s like a motocross track. You need suspension that will soak up very rough bumps, but that’s stiff enough that it doesn’t get out of control on the big hits.

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    You forgot hot umbrella girl.

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    Who says Top-10 lists have to suck?


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