1. A Good Crew


My crew put up with my shit, rebuilt the bike after I destroyed it, and never missed a beat. Jody Scheuring (pictured above with JT) gets his own line cuz he’s that bad-ass!, Joey Lombardo and Brad Puetz from Kawasaki and Jeff Johnson from Pirelli made this possible. I broke one of my own rules, No Crashing On a Road Circuit, and crashed during qualifying. What can I say? We were going for it and the chassis was too soft from the prior day, when testing on the top section. I lost the front at the end of the fastest straight on the course. Because of the airfence though, the only thing that happened was I destroyed a bike and f*#ked up my knee, so thanks to RoadRacing World and Honda and whoever else had a hand in putting up airfence. I was able to get on my back-up bike and still qualify. Then Jody was able to put my A-bike back together and I just dealt with the pain in my knee, which made downshifts next to impossible.

It really does take a village. I need to thank Kawasaki and Arma Energy, Pirelli , Brock’s, BST, Catalyst Composites, Two Brothers Racing, DynoJet, Maxima, KFG suspension. Shoei, ACT leathers, SIDI, Lee’s Cycles, Evolution Concrete and Left Coast Designs.