8. You will get hurt

T10 Club Racing

Given the number of people traveling at such high speeds and their closeness during the activity, I was actually surprised how few people got seriously hurt. Let’s not kid ourselves, grave injury or death are always a possibility on the track. Still, it’s relatively rare, thankfully. Regardless, spend enough time on the racetrack, and you will get hurt. My injuries were minimal: bruises, sprained joints, and second-degree burns on my neck and part of my face. (The photo above shows the rubber from the rear tire of the bike that burst into flames after I collided with it.) I also got to be teased by my friends when they came around the track the lap after one crash in the rain to see the EMT on her knees in front of me, prodding my crotch while attempting to ascertain whether my bike’s efforts to penetrate me anally with a footpeg had done any damage.

Of all the minor injuries I suffered, the sprained thumb took the longest to recover because I was constantly using it – including racing the day after the crash. Wearing quality gear and being fit help to minimize injuries, and training helps keep you from burning out in longer races.

  • I’m crushed that our first date didn’t make the Top-Ten.

  • Old MOron

    Amen, Evans. Amen.

  • Ben Wingate

    I’ve done a couple track days on my 95 ZX7. It’s an antique and boat-anchor heavy in comparison to the bikes I was out there with but it’s an incredible amount of fun. If I had the money to do one or two per year I would. I enjoy it much more than street riding in Florida.

  • Gruf Rude

    I club raced for a couple of years back in the late 70s. I learned that the tracks clubs raced on back then were ridiculously dangerous for motorcycles and the cost of racing was well beyond what a young married guy with a profession to learn and kids to raise could afford. Learned a lot about limits and came away with some incredible memories but no regrets about giving it up . . .

  • JMDonald

    I’m probably more of a track day guy than a club racing guy. I haven’t done either one. I haven’t had a real sportbike since the 90’s. Club racing sounds a lot like yacht racing.

    • Zack Crowther

      Yes, if yacht racing was more Thunderdome and involved crashing and danger.

      • JMDonald

        Yacht racing is a metaphor for life.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Never club raced, but have done the STAR riding school (paying $20 and riding on the back of Jason’s speeding GSXR 750 about had me crapping in my leathers) and did some track days. It was really fun. My current liter class bike is too big and fast for such duties. Would like to get on a set up SV650 and have at it again. Playing on the track (and riding my dirt bike) makes me feel like a kid again, and that sensation is priceless once one hits middle age…