When I received the invitation to attend the Victory Octane introduction in Daytona, I was pretty stoked since I hadn’t been to Bike Week in a couple of years. Even if you’re not a big rally person, every motorcyclist owes it to themselves to experience the annual gathering of the tribe(s) – if only for anthropological purposes.

Yes, the primary faction is the “biker” in all of its seemingly unwashed glory, but in reality, Bike Week is more than just an excuse for people who love motorcycles, beer, classic rock, black t-shirts, jiggly flesh, and open pipes (and not necessarily in that order) to gather in celebration of spring and the upcoming riding season. Daytona Bike Week allows participants to attend bike shows featuring machinery that costs more than the down payment on your average middle-class home; watch races on flat dirt, bumpy dirt, straight pavement, curved pavement (with banking!), and benches; scour swap meets every day in multiple locations; and witness an assortment of human oddities which range, if history proves to be an example, from coleslaw wrestling to motorcycle demolition derbies.

And then there’s the food. You can experience the breadth of culinary delights from high-brow to low-country – enough to bring your gastrointestinal system to its figurative knees while still putting a smile on your face.

To complicate things, Bike Week has expanded well beyond the Daytona Beach city limits into many of the surrounding towns. Now, it is even more difficult to take part in the whole event. This year I was only at Bike Week for a few days, instead of the entire week, so I missed whole swaths of the festivities – some not for the lack of trying and others out of an unusual modicum of good sense.

So, here they are, the Top 10 Things I Didn’t Do At Daytona Bike Week 2016.

  • Starmag

    Hah, you pimped The Drumpfald anyway. Like anyone who gets out of the red and blue clown cars would be any better/different.


    Your disappointment that it’s a low brow affair is obvious. It must be your first time because that’s what it’s been for a long time. ( Am I talking about elections or Daytona? You decide!).

    • spiff

      Not the best conversation for a bike site, but if you say the pledge of allegiance you’ll realize democracy is a sales pitch.

      • spiff

        Side note, just because a group is a democracy doesn’t mean they are held to a moral scale. Pirates were one of the more successful democracies in history. 🙂

  • Jim

    Hey, Evans, maybe next year you could report from Burning Man and then provide us a ‘tribal’ comparative analogy. I know they both have parades, ride bikes, and show flesh, but they do it very differently. I’m sure you and the team could point out some pretty humorous similarities.

    • spiff

      Yeah you could all ride off beat bikes. The new duel sport RE etc.

  • Bob Dragich

    11. Punch a cop.

  • Mahatma

    Boob-flash is never a bad thing if the subject is below 50!I insist you remove your purse from your paraphernalia,Evans!;)

  • Me

    So, why’d ya go?