1. Riders


Cameras, luggage, passengers, etc., while often subject to falling off motorcycles, are but occasional guests to the party. The only compulsory element to riding a motorcycle is the motorcyclist him/herself, thereby defaulting to the number one position of what most often falls off a motorcycle. But, enough with that unappetizing thought. Let’s go back to #10.

  • Koczk

    I will not read these obnoxious ten-page articles.

    Know that you are not getting nine more clicks from me.

  • Country

    oh well Koczk

  • michael franklin

    lets see…… it’s friday and we have no good stories, I know….. lets do another one of those top ten things to fill up some space!

    • Sean Alexander

      “it’s friday and we have no good stories, I know… lets do another one of those top ten things to fill up some space!”

      Motorcycle.com publishes a new Top-10 list every Thursday of every week. Hint: They are part of the editorial calendar.

  • We’re not all going to Sturgis. How many times does a woman approach you because of the bike? (My answer is three.) Now how man times do guys approach you because of the bike? I can’t even walk around downtown Eureka Springs without guys talking at my back as I walk the other way. If there’s one thing that a motorcycle is, it’s a guy magnet. We can all pretend how sexy the bike makes us, but on the end, just like muscle cars, these things are guy magnets. Bring this up the next time you are at a motorcycle friendly establishment. If you can pull it off without getting hit, then you are guaranteed to get a laugh. I always do.

  • dick johnson

    This was obviously written by someone that’s never ridden a motorcycle before.

  • DeeCeeBC

    You’re kidding, right? Stereotyping women as loving to be half-naked on someone else’s motorcycle, getting their photo taken…. Jeez, let’s get rid of all the work we women have done for the past century or so and go right back to being fantasies.

    Some of us women wear the proper gear while riding our own motorcycles.

    Incredibly disappointing.

  • G777

    Obviously DCBC doesn’t look like the girl in the photo.

  • Steve Thomas

    With these lame articles the main thing that will fall off is your readership.