1. Not-a-Buell Blast Single-Speed Short Tracker


This is basically an 883 with the crankcase cut off, and it’s got a speedway Jawa layshaft, just a shaft with a countershaft and a clutch on it. You adjust it like a Triumph or an old Norton primary. The back half is a C&J Rotax monoshock frame, with left-side shock. The motor’s going to hang from the front, one speed, one cylinder. One shock. One purpose! Short track! This is going to be extremely trick. People say “oh it’s a Blast.” No. It isn’t. This is a 600. This has a Branch-O’Keefe head with a 2-inch intake valve. It has a 47mm S&S Super E carburetor. It has big lumpy cams, a big high-compression piston. This thing will be a beast—a 600cc beast, and it’s going to weigh nothing. The frame weighs about as much as a bicycle frame. Every piece of hardware is going to be titanium. I’m going to go stupid light. I’m silly like that.

On the West Coast, it’ll be able to run in the Pro class. If I get 60 hp or 55, which is doable, it’ll have 70 foot-pounds of torque. It might be hard to keep the front wheel down. It’ll make power from 500 to who-knows how many rpm. A Buell Blast runs a Sportster primary and clutch, which is hugely heavy. So there shouldn’t be any comparison to a Buell Blast. But, of course, there is. We’ll see. When you spend all your time building cool shit for other people, you want to build something cool for yourself.

But wait that’s not all! Bonus stuff:

Crème de la crème: MV Agusta adjustable shift lever

042414-Mule 085

Bolts right onto the Triumph. Eccentric adjustable toe piece even. Is that freaking beautiful? The MV piece is cheaper too. A shop in Escondido bought all the spares from Harley so they wouldn’t have to be shipped back to Italy. I also have a whole drawerful of Ducati switches, and they’re bad-ass. They’re really nice, and I got them way cheap.

Say, where’s those scales? MV Agusta shift lever: 70 grams. Triumph Bonneville shift lever: 156 grams. You just made your Triumph 3.07 ounces lighter. Bitchin’.

MV Agusta brake adapters

042414-Mule 082

These go right onto Yamaha R6 conventional forks, and use six-piston MV Agusta calipers, with a 320mm rotor. Why six-piston MV calipers? I bought a crapload of ’em for a really good price, and they work bitchin’. I’m doing a Triumph with the same set-up.

Akront rim Spoke Nipple tool

042414-Mule 054

A friend of mine got this from Bob Hansen’s estate, who just passed last year. I guess you put it in a press, it puts the rim at the right angle and you bang away. It looks like it was barely used. What a bitchin’ thing. It’s a good conversation piece.

Stay tuned. Mule never rests.

  • Old MOron

    Yup, that’s some real cool stuff.
    Very interesting bit about the trail and the offset.
    I’m going to have to read it again, because I haven’t fully understood it yet.

  • This is my favorite Top-10 yet. Of course being a favorite Top-10 is sort of like wining a bronze medal at the special olympics.

    • fastfreddie

      Could be worse:the dreaded silver…;)

  • Jim Hatch

    This was a great read, reminded me of the characters I used to get to visit growing up in NJ in a motorcycle family.

  • Oslo Norway

    This is very cool!


    RP and I correspond.. now and then. We are of an age and get on well.
    Mrs Mule has invited me round for tea and scones.
    I love his bikes, espec’ the HD’s and can’t afford them.. he knows that.
    And he always knows what I always say..
    Mule.. my hero.

  • Mark Lindemann

    Rich Pollock should print out this story, frame it, and hang it on the wall along with the sockets. That would be the eleventh bitchin’ thing in the Mule garage. Well done, JB and RP!

    • gerald estes

      yup, got that frame ya mentioned setting right here along with the builders digital blueprints sandwiched between 2 plates of glass…for those of us that aspire to just an ordinary day’s pick of bitchin’ mule stuff.

  • gerald estes

    …oo oo weres the ‘JAP’ test rider…course nobody can afford ’em but makes since to me to fit some sort of 0 – 8,000 rpm electro-monobloc throttle body to that sucker just so’s to cut a few donuts and confirm the bitchin’ carbon tanks not leakin’.