10. RC45


Here’s one of them. I forgot to look at the serial number, but I did note the mileage: 000000. When it first appeared in 1994, the $27K gear-driven fuel-injected V-Four wonderbike was a bit underwhelming in terms of power output in standard form, but that didn’t stop John Kocinski from winning the 1997 World Superbike Championship on a modified one. Nor did it stop me from very nearly being the first and only U.S. magazine idiot to crash one at Willow Springs (Jesus told it No! at the last millisecond, Abraham style). It appears only 500 RC45s were produced worldwide, for WSBK homologation, with 55 supposedly brought to the U.S.

Crude but effective. Yes, 1994 really was 21 years ago. To me, it’s still a beautiful machine.

Crude but effective. Yes, 1994 really was 21 years ago. To me, it’s still a beautiful machine.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    That Cuby demo engine runs like a Swiss watch. Can you wrap one for my desk table at the office? It would make a nice couple for my Stirling engine. All the collegues would love them. Just kidding 🙂

  • fastfreddie

    I would imagine that NR750 might warrant a peek…


    This stuff is great. I still yearn for another VFR. Maybe an Africa Twin.

  • Old MOron

    Normally I don’t care for museum pieces. I haven’t even been to Guy Webster’s place in Ojai. But this turned out to be an interesting article. Oh well, maybe I’m just going soft.

  • VForce

    How in the heck do you misplace 3 RC45s? This must be the same warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    “Top men Dr. Jones, Top Men.”

    • 12er

      They had one of them at Laguna Seca for WSB this year. Neat to know there are two more… I was drooling over it then looked at the clocks “brand new?” wow…

    • john burns

      I suppose if you import them and none of your dealers order them, they move toward the back. Time passes… beats me. Honda is big.

  • Donnie

    I had a Cuby engine when I was a little kid. My Dad worked at a dealership and gave it to me. Wow, I wonder where it went? Thanks for reminding me of it.