8. Roland Sands Design Star Bolt


This one just got back from the European show circuit. According to RSD Project Manager (and flat-track racer) Cameron Brewer, the Bolt is a pretty hot item. RSD modified a bunch of its H-D parts to fit and run up the proverbial flagpole. It uses the stock Bolt gas tank, but with RSD’s Cafe Sportster tailsection, custom sidepanels, RSD Nostalgia bar risers and handlebars and other bits. Fast guy Aaron Colton rode it to third place on Sunday in Run What Ya Brung, but Roland himself won the race on an RSD custom Sportster. In fact, RS won two races that day. Not bad for a mogul.

  • COD

    Good times were had by many.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Dang sorry I missed this one. The NX250 would be perfect.

  • BRude19r

    #54Z is Mike Interbitzen, not Mikey Rush.

  • Old MOron

    Oh man, this looks like fun! I think they’re going to do a few races at the Ventura County Fairgrounds this year. I need a bike.

  • Something alluring to me about a cute woman in racing gear, once I saw Sue Fish’s eyes through one of the 1st Bell Star helmets (tiny eye port) and saw two beautiful blue eyes with long lashes, I was immediately smitten. For good.