It seems like motorcycle events do best when they climb onto the back of equestrian ones. The horsey set has a lot of nice facilities that don’t require you to drive beyond the Pyramids. Bing Crosby and his buddies started racing ponies at Del Mar, California, in 1937, when Pasadena and Santa Anita grew too hot for their liking. Twenty miles north of San Diego, Del Mar was where the surf really did meet the turf.

Today the state of California owns the sprawling beachfront facility and leases it to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, and it’s also hosted motorcycle races and shows off and on for quite a few years. Last weekend, the good people at IV League Flat Track put on an ⅛-mile event in the Del Mar Arena, right next to the big mile track. Quite a bit more casual than the last flat track event I attended, the Pomona Half-Mile, the Del Mar deal definitely had its own attractions. Shall we scratch the surface…

  • COD

    Good times were had by many.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Dang sorry I missed this one. The NX250 would be perfect.

  • BRude19r

    #54Z is Mike Interbitzen, not Mikey Rush.

  • Old MOron

    Oh man, this looks like fun! I think they’re going to do a few races at the Ventura County Fairgrounds this year. I need a bike.

  • Something alluring to me about a cute woman in racing gear, once I saw Sue Fish’s eyes through one of the 1st Bell Star helmets (tiny eye port) and saw two beautiful blue eyes with long lashes, I was immediately smitten. For good.