2. Speeder Bikes


Nope, sorry, Speeder Bikes don’t fill the #1 slot in this Top 10, you’ll see why in a moment. Like most current motorcycles, Speeder Bikes, specifically the 74-Z, emphasize speed (in excess of 300 mph) and maneuverability. Hovering up to 82 feet above terra firma, you’re not gonna get a knee down, but at least with the forward rotating blaster cannon, you can blow shit up. The 74-Z was also equipped with terrain-following sensors linked to a heads-up display which makes navigating rough terrain a breeze. So, why did so many Stormtroopers keep running into trees? Obviously a result of too little Holosimulator time.

We’re nowhere close to having this kind of technology, but if you’re chomping at the bit and have upwards of $100k burning a hole in your pocket you can pre-order The Hoverbike, the world’s first flying motorcycle, today.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Ha-ha, thumbs up for #1.
    Motorcycles do NOT need lighspeed though, where is the fun? If only it would be used to RIDE between the planets 🙂
    And if I understood correctly, $88K is not the price for Hoverbike, it’s the amount of money, which has been donated for development so far ($88K of $1,1M).

    • You’re right about the Hoverbike price, I mistakenly included the donation amount. The text was been updated to reflect an approximate price, based on the company’s claim that it costs around $55k to construct.

  • fastfreddie

    I’m not too sure about #4…Think we need a revolution in tyre technologies if so.

    Personally would have liked a lightsaber for those wheelclamps,trees overturned on the road and when having lost your key,and need to get in after a ride.Bet they’d be great for heating that coffee in no time too.

  • Bruce Steever

    Tom, you are a giant dork.

    -signed, Another Giant Dork

    • My lifetime membership to Dorks Anonymous has obviously failed.

  • michael franklin

    You won’t have to worry about the hoverbike, these things have popped up many times since the ’50s and the result is always the same, you’ll never see one.

    • Tinwoods

      Thanks the stars that none of history’s inventors share your pessimism.

  • Jewrrick

    Boba Fett had armor made of Beskar, not durasteel.

    • Boba Fett’s original armor was Durasteel. He later upgraded to Beskar.

  • Richard Fraser

    I feel motorcycle suits are by far one of the biggest things in motorcycling that is falling behind. We have modern bikes that run on electric, bikes with the likes of traction control systems and ABS, and helmets made of carbon fibre, but suits haven’t really changed. Motorcycle suits don’t seem to be evolving at the same rate as other things in the industry. Sure suits made from leather are a tried and tested design, but I keep expecting to see the next big step forward in suits, but it just never seems to happen.

    • Both Dainese and Alpinestars have launched riding apparel with self-contained airbag technology for street riders in Europe with intentions of US introductions in the near future. As this technology develops it will certainly add a new level of safety to motorcycle apparel.

      • Richard Fraser

        Yeah Tom I’ve heard about the helmets with the airbag/ neck brace, I didn’t realise they were making suits like that. I just keep expecting to see something, “next gen”, something like an Iron man suit but made of carbon fibre, or just something that will have more protection to help protect bones from being broken…but maybe the airbag suit is the way forward, and as cool as it would look perhaps the carbon fibre weave/ Iron man suit is something that will never happen unfortunately

        • Tinwoods

          Physics. Even if some incredibly light and resilient material is developed, you’re not going to counteract the Laws of Physics. From experience I know that when a human body goes from 30 mph to a stop against any hard object, bones are going to break and internal flesh is likely going to tear. All your body is going to do with the fancy new metals is slam against it.

  • Arrne08

    . . . And I’ll still take shite weather and hop on a ’79 Z650 with jeans and a leather jacket as my first option please.
    Yup, I’ll need a Bacta Tank occasionally.
    Why would you want a nanosecond commute? After all it’s the journey before the destination.
    Though I do like the skylanes, just to get the damn cars off the roads so we can have them to ourselves.

  • Shannon Michael

    I stopped that the second slide. This is one of the dumbest blogs I have read all year.

    • Tinwoods

      And you have no sense of humor. So there.

  • pissedshipper

    Seems Tinwoods is full of piss and vinegar. Looked at his profile and mostly negative posts. Anyone that takes a moment and looks at his profile will see he is a bitter old fart trying to keep his youth by driving an FZ1. Oh well, we got all kinds here….