No, we’re not talking about reflashing your bike’s ECU. Instead, the way to get the absolute best performance out of your motorcycle is to improve the software in the control unit connecting the seat to the grips. Let’s get really honest here: Modern sporting machinery has capabilities that, even in stock form, can tax the abilities of even the most advanced riders – especially when ridden on the street. So, the true way to improve a motorcycle’s performance is to upgrade its operating system (that’s you). The rider does so much more than just twist the throttle to the stop, mash on the brakes, and toss the bike into a turn. While you can learn a ton from books (and Andrew Trevitt’s Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way is a great example of an educational read), riding schools offer the best way to learn the most from trained experts in a controlled environment. If you want to learn the most on how to improve your riding ability – and we can all improve – a riding school is the ticket.

When you’re done, you’ll swear your bike performs better, too.

Yamaha Champions Riding School Review

Track/Racing School Buyer’s Guide

  • Flubbly

    Where on the list are mohawk helmet wigs and pillions with jeggings?

    • Starmag

      “jeggings”. LOL. I had to look that up. 1 Minute of my life gone forever.

      • spiff

        It only took me about 20 seconds, and I feel it was time well spent.

        • Starmag

          I just meant that as a fad-of-the-moment comment, but after reading yours I went back and looked more closely. You couldn’t be more right, that was time well spent.

  • Starmag

    The irony of aftermarket mods is that the resale value of motorcycles have proven over a long time that bone stock bikes almost always sell for more. Despite the thousands you throw at it, you usually make it worth less. This becomes even more true the older the bike gets.

    • Jon Jones

      Right on the money.

    • spiff

      I would argue a well accessories period correct bike is still valued. I also agree with you overall. Thats why you should save all your stock parts. At the time of sale swap everything out and sell the aftermarket stuff on the side.

    • Craig Hoffman

      It is work, but it makes sense to put a bike back to stock when you sell it, and sell the cool Penske shocks, Akra exhausts, Power Commanders etc separately and to hang the boat anchor stock exhaust back on it. Much more money is recovered that way.

      It is heartbreaking to take a well set up and tuned bike and put it back intostock form, but you are right. Nobody is willing to pay for a well set up and tuned bike with aftermarket mods on it.

  • john phyyt

    Another great read thank-you Evans; I would only query your suggestion that number plates only make your bike faster.
    I would suggest , that they also make it handle better and shorten stopping distances . They also make you and your cycle irresistable to potential lovers.

  • Mahatma

    Done #5,4,3,2. Did #7,but got caught red handed,so must revisit DoV here in norway with my original exhaust mounted.#1 is irrelevant on my nt650gt.

    Nice article.