No, we’re not talking about reflashing your bike’s ECU. Instead, the way to get the absolute best performance out of your motorcycle is to improve the software in the control unit connecting the seat to the grips. Let’s get really honest here: Modern sporting machinery has capabilities that, even in stock form, can tax the abilities of even the most advanced riders – especially when ridden on the street. So, the true way to improve a motorcycle’s performance is to upgrade its operating system (that’s you). The rider does so much more than just twist the throttle to the stop, mash on the brakes, and toss the bike into a turn. While you can learn a ton from books (and Andrew Trevitt’s Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way is a great example of an educational read), riding schools offer the best way to learn the most from trained experts in a controlled environment. If you want to learn the most on how to improve your riding ability – and we can all improve – a riding school is the ticket.

When you’re done, you’ll swear your bike performs better, too.

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