6. Cagiva C589

Randy_Mamola_1989_Cagiva C589

For a brief period of time Cagiva tried its hand at 500cc grand prix racing. In the 1989 season, the C589, piloted by Randy Mamola and styled by Tamburini, featured such items as a horizontal shock and banana-style swingarm. However, the results were often lackluster, as the Cagiva lacked top-end speed. In an effort to gain some back, Tamburini designed a more aerodynamic fairing. The effort helped, but despite the marginal gains, the C589 was plagued by incorrect weight distribution and poor power delivery. Cagiva carried on in grand prix racing until 1994, when American John Kocinski’s relatively consistent finishes (and a win) netted a respectable third-place in the championship. Had the C589 and its descendants been more successful, its ranking on this list would likely be higher.