10. Bimota HB1


It may not be the prettiest motorcycle (although I think it’s pretty good looking), but the Bimota HB1 is historically important as it’s the first Bimota. After crashing his Honda CB750, Tamburini realized that the marvelous engines in Japanese motorcycles of the time were enveloped by terrible frames that flexed and twisted. While waiting for three of his ribs to heal after the CB750 crash, he had the idea to transition the Bimota name from making air conditioning ducts to one that would produce high performance frames for existing motorcycle engines.

Tamburini’s crashed CB750 would be the first test mule. After constructing a new frame to house the Honda engine, he went on to essentially build a racebike around it. Thus the HB1 (Honda-Bimota-1) was born. Only 10 examples were ever made, making their value extraordinary. In fact, Bonhams will be auctioning off one of these rare examples, and it is estimated to be worth as much as $108,000!