Like just about anyone with internet access and an office job there are days when accomplishments are measured in the amount of time wasted clicking away at anything that’s not work. Lucky for us MOrons, keeping tabs on motorcycle-related social media sites is considered an obligation, not an irresponsibility.

So this week’s Top 10 is a list of Reddit postings from its two subreddits r/motorcycles and r/CalamariRaceTeam. If you’re familiar with the two you’re aware there’s no shortage of narcissistic selfies, lame “whoolies,” and general motorcycle riding stupidity. For your convenience we’ve sifted through all that detritus to bring you the ten posts that made us laugh, cringe or wonder the most. You’re welcome.

Apparently this is being raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The post offered no real information, and a quick Google search turned up empty. But the bike is functionally beautiful, and we’d like to know more about it. If anyone has information regarding this land-speed weapon, please, enlighten us in the comments section below.

You’ve most likely heard of tourists disregarding warning signs only to be gored by Yellowstone’s bisons for their transgressions. But what do you do when you’ve done nothing wrong, and have still attracted the attention of a curious bison? Luckily, this rider remained cool in the literal face of danger.

Here’s how not to do it:

And here’s how to do it.

We think this image may have been circulating among the tubes of the internet over the years, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it. We like it, although no one at the MO office has committed to riding the thing if given the chance.

Poor guy. Thought he saved it until his buddy came along to ensure he hadn’t.

And here’s our winner for this week’s Cringe Award.

A Top 10 within a Top 10? Yah, it is, but this wins our award for funniest video of the week.

This vid of Troy Corser flogging the snot out of a vintage Beemer at the Goodwood Revival is epic. It wins our awesome video of the week award.

The interaction between mom and son begins normal enough but quickly deteriorates when she rear-ends her kid moments later with her car. He’s alright, but not surprisingly pissed. Still, though, shouldn’t be dropping F-bombs at mom.