You’ve most likely heard of tourists disregarding warning signs only to be gored by Yellowstone’s bisons for their transgressions. But what do you do when you’ve done nothing wrong, and have still attracted the attention of a curious bison? Luckily, this rider remained cool in the literal face of danger.

  • HazardtoMyself

    #1- I didn’t see you? Really, the son she was following wherever just magically disappeared?

    Wonder if it was mom he was talking to when saying to get off the phone.

  • gjw1992

    All very amusing – especially the you-couldn’t-make-it-up number 1.

    But #2 and Troy Corser – terrific stuff and a good reason to pay more attention to the Goodwood festivals when they’re on. And if only that’d motivate bmw into evolving the r1200 into something a lot lighter and nimble.