1. New Friends


Each day of an adventure presents the opportunity of meeting a person, or people of interest. At a gas station in Bodega Bay, California, we met Sam, who had traveled from Farmington, Maine, on his 1979 Suzuki GS850. Talk about an epic adventure, Sam epitomizes the phrase!

  • 12er

    I did what I’m calling the “smoke tour” last weekend. 661 smoke filled miles around norcal. Great riding but what a heart breaking tour. Rode right into the Valley Fire as they were closing the road to Middletown, as it didnt exist the day before when I road past the Butte Fire. Gave all the firefighters at the fair grounds in Plymouth a big thumbs up as I rode by. Strange what you find on a tour, I found my compassion… Donated to the Red Cross as soon as I got home and will look for other ways to help out. Assume / hope they have a food / clothing / toy drive of something along those lines at the Calistoga Half Mile in a week, if its still going forwards. One tour albeit a short one that definitely changed me.

  • JMDonald

    The greatest adventures SUCK when you’re having them. Somehow they are made into epic journeys down for the record books. Give me life on the road I say. Beats staying at home now doesn’t it?

  • Old MOron

    I hope you gave Sam a nip of the Rebel Yell. I’ve never particularly liked bourbon, but RY’s wheated stuff is darned good. You can buy it for a great price at Trader Joe’s, too.

  • Goose

    “hotdogs, Dinty Moore Beef Stew, camping beer”

    Beenie Weenies and beer, Yee Haw, we are livin’ large now!

  • Ozzy Mick

    Empathise with your brother – been there, done that with family responsibilities of having 3 kids stopping me from jumping back on a bike for nearly 20 years. But as soon as the nest was emptied, I never looked back. Not so much adventure riding, but long weekend road rides with mates, culminating with annual pilgrimages to Phillip Island for the motogp, a round, meandering, trip of 3,700 miles, give or take. Experienced everything you touched on but, fortunately, with no major disasters. Hilarious at the time, Yes! Regrets – definitely Not! So there’s hope yet for your bro rejoining the fraternity as an older, returning rider, like the rest of us!

    • Old MOron

      3,700 meandering miles? You must’ve ridden the whole map of Tasmania!

      • Ozzy Mick

        Yep, sure did Old MOron. Not once, not twice but three times. If you fancy an Ozzy meander/adventure, come visit and I’ll organise a bike and we can do just that, even Tassie – I haven’t done Tassie yet.

        • Old MOron

          That’s a kind offer, Mick. Thank you. Don’t know when I’ll have time and funds to take you up on it. But thank you very much.

    • Bill Hazelton

      I had a couple of Kids and never stop riding. I had a lot of friends and riding buddies that did stop. Most would say “the wife doesn’t want me to get hurt on motorcycle now that we have children.” I felt sad when they would say they are stopping riding motorcycles permanently. Even though I never stopped riding I feel like I still haven’t seen enough of the World on motorcycles. I like hearing that people are returning to motorcycles after the kids leave the nest. Welcome back 3,700 mile trips are even beyond my abilities with work schedule and endurance in the seat with pain.

      • Ozzy Mick

        Good onya, Bill, for continuing riding while the fam was growing up – I just got too busy, time-poor, and, yes, the missus did mention that it would have been tough for her if I had, you know, ended up riding the highways and by-ways in the sky, leaving her with 3 little ones.
        I failed to mention that the 3,700 miles were done over 2 weeks, averaging 270 miles a day, genteel and leisurely – NOT! On a big, bad, torquey Bandit set up for touring with screen, raised bars, sheepskin covers on seat, and even highway pegs.
        Keep on riding, Bill, and stay safe.

  • Paul Thomas

    Which bike won the shoot out????