Ahhhh, in 2000 life was good: pre-9/11, pre Homeland Security, pre-Great Recession… or maybe it was that the www was just finding its legs (I had a dial-up modem that let me work from home a day or two a week! Hang up the phone, hon, I’m online!), and we had no way of knowing how screwed-up everything was? Facebook was also far off in the future, so I had no way of knowing what raving lunatics 40% of the populace are. My closet still has most of my clothes from that era, and I have to say aesthetically I think that first-gen R1 rates right up there with acid-washed skinny jeans, bomber jackets, the Ducati 916 and a handful of other simple and sleek motorcycles. It did before it got crashed and hacked up, anyway. In those days, business was booming and you didn’t need to be able to spell potato in order to try and patent the sound.