1. True Love!


The love one shares with a motorcycle is of a purity that rivals that of parenthood. The bond you create over the miles will be one that grows as the numbers roll over on the odometer. Also, if you find another motorcycle to love, your bike will understand.

Motorcycles are motorcycles, and we are the people that ride them.

  • Michael Howard

    I’ll never understand how “Johnny” in The Wild One came to epitomize “cool”. I thought he was a whiney douche and couldn’t wait for someone to kick his punk ass.

  • ssdajoker

    Real men ride…

    • Radman

      I ride Asian Bikes & Asian Women!

  • Michael

    Great top 10 list Evans! I actually laughed out loud at a few of these, especially the “Good Hair”.

    • Steven Holmes


    • Evans Brasfield

      Thank you!

      I had fun writing it.

  • Steven Holmes

    “eight motorcycles in the space of one car…”

    I only wanted 3 before, now I’m going to have to work harder to earn that inheritance money. Thanks!

    Seriously, thanks for the entertaining read.

  • Backroad Bob

    Number 4 should be Number 2. Other than that, well done!

  • DickRuble

    Here are ten reasons not to buy a motorcycle:
    10) You’ll rarely use it, it’s a total waste of money
    9) Your life expectancy will be inversely proportional to the number of miles you put on the bike
    8) If you think car maintenance is expensive, motorcycle maintenance will blow your mind (on a per pound basis, per mile basis, on any basis).
    7) If you think you would look cool on one, think again.
    6) The only chicks you are likely to attract because you have a bike will have IQ’s in the low teens, pretty close to their age, really, unless they have Alzheimer’s.
    5) Rain sucks in general, unless you’re thirsty. On a motorcycle rains sucks ten times worse.
    4) Nobody looks cool in a full cast, drinking soup through a straw.
    3) There’s always a better, faster, cooler bike than yours, no matter how much money you spend.
    2) Just look around at the average rider in your area, fat, old, mustachioed, deluded. Do you want people to think you’re associated with that #$%$$%?
    1) You have no chance against a minivan driven by a blood thirsty housewife on her cell phone.

    • hartri55

      Well, DICK, perfectly good reasons for YOU not to ride.

      • uragunako

        dick…is a gay….he love dicks………

        • Chris_in_Kalifornia

          That’s excessively rude. Try addressing the issue rather than attack the person. Logic is better than insults.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I could take issue with most of these, but since I’ve spent the last two days riding in the rain, I’ll simply say, “I love riding in the rain!”


    • uragunako

      you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle……ha ha..stick to you bicycle….

    • Chris_in_Kalifornia

      Well Dickie boy, I’ve ridden such that I put 87,000 miles on one of my bikes in less than 5 years commuting through LA rush hour traffic on the 405 freeway which is arguably one of the busiest 5 freeways in the states. I’ve ridden for going on 45 years now and never been in a cast. Got 55 mpg on my last bike during that rush hour(s) commute in LA. Changed the oil and filter about half as often as the manufacturer suggests and did it myself. Way easier than a car. Never gave a damn about “chicks” liking me because I had a motorcycle. I almost never rode or ride double. Rain is seldom a problem. Wear the right gear and it doesn’t matter to me. I bought a 650 after commuting on a gold wing for a couple of years because I like the smaller bike and better fuel mileage. It’s not about being fastest for a lot of us, read the article on the new Versys. Don’t care what the other riders looked like. Jesus hung around with the poorest and most downtrodden of folks. If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me. I have every chance against the mini-van. Anyone who pays attention will be able to avoid her easier on a bike than in a car.

      You are obviously bitter about something to do with bikes. I don’t know what it is but for 99.999999% of people your statements just say to them “I hate bikes so should you”. But we don’t and won’t. Bikes are great despite what you think.

      Try to cheer up dude. Life is what you make of it. Bikes put a smile on my face so I’m GONNA ride.

      • WickB

        Good insight Cin K. I’m a 64 yo surgeon looking at getting back on the horse (cycle) after quitting years ago so I wouldn’t have to teach one of my wilder children to ride her own. I have operated on rider and passenger after a few spectacular crashes but many, many, many more of my road wreck patients were attacked in or by their four wheel monsters. If my cyclist patient came to me alive from the crash they all ultimately went home.

        Most auto fatalities are in some way associated with alcohol. Although I know riders do drink and even use, it seems to me that its harder to exert the whole body of skills needed to maneuver a bike into dangerous terrain when impaired, where any marginal operator can turn an auto into traffic.

        In my first twenty years on bikes (Harley, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, vespa, cushman, BSA, Triumph, CZ) what I wanted was to MOVE, to feel, to breath, and then to tinker a little when I got it home. The girl thing may have been a thought but having once thrown my fiancé off in the dirt after hitting a cattle guard I resolved any idea that I could use my bike as a chick magnet.

        A local Triumph dealer friend finally sold his dealership blaming the poor business on newer more efficient autos that made the economy argument for his rides less salable. Fuel economy in my ride will make me smile and give me bragging rights until my Tesla driving colleagues roll up.

        When I’ve gotten back on I know that the old motivations to ride will still be the main ones. Like the runner to run, the dancer to dance, the pilot, the horseman, I just want to move, to feel, to breath, to engage the stuff around me, not to just go from one room to another by way of a fort like conveyance surrounded by all the comforts of home. After a ride I even get to savor the machine and even tinker a little.

      • Ali Izadi

        Yeah… a REAL biker talking.
        My regards to you sir. I completely agree with you. we dont ride to look good, we dont ride to save money, we dont ride to attract chicks and we dont ride to put our lives in danger.
        We ride to MOVE, to feel, to breath…….

        • Dicta


    • 1/2Nelson

      I dont get it dick. Why are you even here?

      • DickRuble

        I ask myself that question every single time I visit the site.

        • 1/2Nelson

          Ha! Sorta like; What happens when an unstoppable object meets an irresistible force? Lol:-D

    • Radman

      Dicks #6 just pushed me into buying a new bike. I have always found intelligent women intimidating. Now I know my chick magnet bike will attract stupid women. What more could I ask for. Thank you Dick!!!

      • DickRuble

        You’re welcome. More than ever now you need to wear protection.

        • Radman

          Thanks… for the heads up! ;p

    • Monkey Torture

      Great friends ride together. We meet new riders all the time–instant commonality. We ride the countryside. We congregate with fellow enthusiasts. We take care of each other We escort and bury military heroes whenever called on. We respect the nation and our military. We promote freedom. All great things. Your list is nonsense. You are against something you know nothing about. If you ever rode, you would not ever have that list of yours–even if you gave it up.

    • psittacid

      Sounds like Dick has had a little experience with motorcycles. If he wasn’t such a – well….you know – he might have found people willing to ride with him. Or a woman who acted like she likes a motorcyclist. If he wasn’t so cranky, he might have enjoyed bikes enough to actually ride them (maybe well enough to stay alive). If he wasn’t so whiney, he might realize that a little rain is just a little rain. If his ego was not in charge, he might realize that not that many people care if someone has a faster, cooler bike.

      As is, he’s just trying to blame his failure on motorcycles. Pretty transparent.

      Dick, I’ve been riding for over 40 years. And I’m really glad I’m not like you.

  • Rellick

    Who pissed in “Dicks” wheaties?

    • Chris_in_Kalifornia

      His rant sounds to me like he’s doing it to himself.

  • Chris_in_Kalifornia

    Cool? Power Rangers??? What planet did you attempt to grow up on? As for Chaps, why on Earth or any other planet for that matter, would you leave the second most important part of your body exposed to accidents that way? Duh. As for cool clothes, I wore a set of hunter orange bibs and parka in inclement weather for years. Came away unscathed from one tumble and several close encounters with auto mirrors a couple of which were left dangling from the side of the vehicle they were supposed to be attached to. One deliberately tried to hit me. Took that one off with a rather painful smack of my hand as I went by.

    From my reply to DickRuble below you can see what my opinion of riding is. I’m GONNA ride. I got home from work after driving my car an hour later than when on the bike(s) and with my teeth grinding. I got home after riding the bike to work with a smile on my face, happy to have had the opportunity to ride again.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I did not grow up. I refuse to grow up!

      • benchikh

        I agree with you Evans growing up to a bad side ,I would rather stay on my bike enjoying my simple life , than being a wolf.

  • Radman

    Ass less chaps are fun to sing YMCA in.

  • pcontiman

    oh, late to the party once again I see….The one reason to ride a motorcycle that I tell anyone who asks, “Only ride if you HAVE to”. I have to.

  • benchikh

    I think those motorcycle riders they were born to ride,that ‘st.

  • David Phillips

    1. Ride it
    2. Ride it some more
    3 – 10. Riding it