6. Harley-Davidson Panhead


While I saw a lot of Honda Cubs during my trip, I also saw a surprising amount of Harley-Davidsons. This old Panhead caught my eye while walking around the outskirts of the Harajuku district. The bike had clearly been cared for by its owner, yet the engine itself had a nice patina to it. Set against “The Filth And The Fury” backdrop, something seemed appropriate, and I had to snap a pic.

  • JMDonald

    I look for random bikes when I travel. Looks like you some some very cool machines. When it happens to me I think how lucky I was to see such a great bike. I never see more than a few. You hit the jackpot on this trip. Nice article.

    • TroySiahaan

      Could be a case of “grass is greener” when I see a bike in other parts of the world we don’t get in the States, but Japan really does have some cool bikes floating around. These were just the ones I had my camera ready for.

  • Old MOron

    That cop bike looks pretty bitchin’.

  • nm

    What model is #8 (page 9 of 11)?

  • di0genes

    Number 6 is not a panhead, appears to be a model K, the flathead precursor of the sportster.

    • nm

      Now I wanna know what this is as well. Do you mean the models without head gaskets?