5. Daytona Bike Week

Daytona 200

With the multitude of things to do at Daytona during bike week, of course it would be included in this list – and we’re not even talking about the cruiser stuff. There’s dirt action with Supercross, then road racing takes place on the high banks during the Daytona 200. Lastly, did you know about the motorcycle demolition derby?

You read that right, a demolition derby for motorcycles. In this crazy sport you only lose if: 1) Your bike is too damaged to continue or, 2) You are too damaged to continue. While the majority of participants choose the agility of a scooter to wage their wars, the near indestructibility of something like a Harley Sportster may be a better choice. Between these three events, it’s just one more reason to make the pilgrimage to Daytona a priority at least once in your life.