5. Anthony Gobert


The Anthony Gobert story is one of incredible ups, followed by equally incredible downs, culminating in a question of “what if?” When Gobert was on a motorcycle he was pure magic, taking underpowered Kawasakis and Bimotas to the top step of the podium. He seemingly took pride in shaking up the establishment in both the Grand Prix and World Superbike paddock, and his bravado on track was evidence he didn’t hold his competition in very high regard. The record books will say he “only” won eight World Superbike races, but his immense talent was unquestionable. He would later race Yamaha and Ducati machinery in the States, consistently at the pointy end, though never able to win it all. Unfortunately, it was around this time that his life unraveled and he got caught up in drugs and substance abuse, famously falling from grace as a motorcycle racer, at one point making sandwiches at a local Subway franchise.

Had his life followed a different, more focused path, the world could have been his oyster. To see the kind of guts the guy had on two wheels, check out the video below.