Harley-Davidson is America’s most legendary and iconic motorcycle company. For most Harley owners, it’s more than just a form of transportation – it’s a lifestyle. They’re quick to claim that there is something about riding a Harley-Davidson that’s unlike riding any other brand. Is it the rumbling exhaust note? Is it the “lobe-y”, “cammed” lope at idle that shakes the entire bike? Or is it the old school, rebellious, lack of a certain refinement attitude and mystique that is so deeply rooted in Harley-Davidson’s rich history? The answer for many is D: All of the above.

There isn’t really a Harley-Davidson model that I dislike, because each model is unique in its own way, however I do have my favorites. Below is a list -in no particular order- of 10 Harley’s that I would love to see parked in my stable.

The motor also had three mounting points, instead of two, which decreased the amount of engine vibration transmitted to the rider. The FXR also featured a 5-speed transmission, instead of 4. On top of that, the FXRT model came with hard bags and a front fairing. Translation: you could absolutely CRUSH miles on this thing. It’s no wonder why the FXR was so popular with outlaw bikers during the 90’s and continues to carry the same type of clout today.

The engine received dual-plug heads, an increase in compression (a 10.0:1 ratio up from the standard 1200’s 9.0:1), more aggressive cam profiles and a freer flowing exhaust. On suspension side of things, the Sport had three-way fully adjustable shocks where you could easily set your preload, compression and rebound damping, unlike regular Sportsters. Finally, the Sport had two disc brakes up front slowing it down instead of just one. This model was a great improvement on an already solid platform.

BUELLs looked like concept bikes more than anything else, and performance was at the root of every design. I’ve had the pleasure of owning two different BUELLs (an S1 Lightning like the one pictured above and an XB9 Lightning), and just about every time I took it out people would ask, “What the hell is that thing? I hear a Harley, but see a sport bike.” Or, “Nice Ducati!” Most of the time I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the rumble of the motor, but the pattern was clear.

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