6. Play Video Games

6. Play Video Games

Hey, if it’s good enough for professional roadracers to learn new tracks and road courses (like Pike’s Peak or the Isle of Man) then it’s good enough for you. Remember, you’ll need to log as many hours as possible on as many different platforms and motorcycle racing games as possible because you never know when you might be called out by some yahoo you meet at the local motorcycle hangout. On those occasions that you actually go out and ride IRL, be sure to carry your favorite controller in your tank bag. You don’t want to cede any advantage to your opposition. (Image from MotoGPvideogame.com)

  • Steven Holmes

    Disclaimer in #2… Cause of the best laugh I’ve had all week.

  • Campisi

    People wash their motorcycles?

    • Piglet2010

      It’s called riding in the rain. =D

  • I do Medieval re-enactment, swords, bows & arrows and all that sort of dangerous thing. I also track prep for solo motorcycle speedway at our local track.

  • Jeremy

    “lagomorphic”…I laughed.

  • Chris Chubb

    Any day nice enough to wash your bike is a day nice enough to ride it.

  • Jim

    Was that a guy in heels washing that Ducati? Dang, there are some things one just can not un-see.

  • cathries

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