10. Wash Your Bike

 10. Wash Your Bike

Slowly trace your bare hands along your motorcycle’s sultry curves. Use a soft cloth or, perhaps, a lambskin glove. Remember, to avoid scratching the delicate finish, make sure that surface is properly moistened. Use a gentle soap to lift away any dirt from previous rides. Gently rub any stubborn bug impacts with your finger and lots of soapy water until the goo floats away. Follow by caressing your bike from nose-to-tail with a soft chamois cloth. Remove any water spots with gentle strokes and follow with a massage using only the rarest natural oils and waxes. (Image from MOTOCORSA.com.)

  • Steven Holmes

    Disclaimer in #2… Cause of the best laugh I’ve had all week.

  • Campisi

    People wash their motorcycles?

    • Piglet2010

      It’s called riding in the rain. =D

  • I do Medieval re-enactment, swords, bows & arrows and all that sort of dangerous thing. I also track prep for solo motorcycle speedway at our local track.

  • Jeremy

    “lagomorphic”…I laughed.

  • Chris Chubb

    Any day nice enough to wash your bike is a day nice enough to ride it.

  • Jim

    Was that a guy in heels washing that Ducati? Dang, there are some things one just can not un-see.

  • cathries

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