2. Attend an International Race

2. Attend an International

Since you’ve invested all those hours in watching the racing mentioned in number 5, you need to follow through and actually attend an international race. Currently, we have three prime events in the United States for seeing the upper echelon of international roadracing. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to view the World Superbike round at Laguna Seca or the MotoGP stops at the Circuit of the Americas or at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Then you’ll be close enough to smell the race gas of motorcycles that cost more than you might make in your lifetime. Still, the extravagance is worth seeing because you know the event is put on for you, the fan. Additionally, some of the cool technology will eventually trickle down to the street machinery you can actually afford. (Traction control, anyone?) Remember that bonus points are awarded for going to an overseas round of these international motorcycle racing series. Just don’t forget to set your DVR before you leave. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to play back the race and look for yourself in the crowd.