This thing’s pretty swell, with a standard Termignoni pipe, bar-end mirrors, black as the ace of clubs… and functional, too, with one of the best engines – an 803cc air-cooled Desmo Twin – in the history of motorcycling. As well it all should be, since the price is up to $11,395.

2017 Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer Preview

  • Old MOron

    Wait, the PR4 comes with Marzocchi forks? I think they’re doing more business now that they’re out of business!

    • Vaughan

      They apparently have been sold and will continue to build motorcycle suspension.

  • ADB


  • – RunningWithScissors –

    Are those Honda engines or Chinese knock-offs of Honda engines?

    • João Machado

      Honda engines. They are built in Portugal and have european standards quality inspection. They are actually really nice bikes. The reason they come so cheap relates essentially to labor cost.

  • David Grey

    Are there dealers in the US? Read reviews on trail rider and they sound like great trail bikes. Always wanted a trailbike engine in a modern chassis. Just need to chug through the nasty terrain.

  • SRMark

    Except for the Harley and the T-bobber, that’s a great selection for the old rocker warriors. Piss on the spoiled millennials. Well maybe a light tinkle so as not to offend their dainty sensibilities.

    • Tyler Beyl

      You do know we’re not all spoiled right?

      • SRMark

        And touchy too! My kids are millennials and I love them dearly. And their dainty sensibilities.

      • Dave Lafontaine

        well, in times like this and in these circumstances, we generally just go with the typical millennial — you may vary. and good on you if you do!

      • SRMark

        Please forgive my “touchy too” and “piss on” comments I made earlier. And yes, i do know you aren’t all spoiled. Enjoy your next ride. Life is too short to make such smart-assed comments. There may not be time left to make up for them later on. And I’m glad I had the time to do so here.

  • Rado

    Yo. Thanks for not ignoring Griso, but no love for Guzzi V9 or V7III …

    • JMDGT

      The Son of Man understands.

  • Old MOron

    We don’t get the CB1100RS? Stupid Honda.

    • JMDGT

      Being a former Honda guy, Honda makes me sad. They make me want to go to my safe place. Wherever the hell that is.

    • DickRuble

      Why can’t they make a CB750RS? Stupid Honda.

  • Mike and Christina Harris

    No Indian scout??? SMH…

  • Starmag

    Ryan has good taste. No transformers or bug bikes. I don’t know about $14k bikes for those on limited budgets because the Boomers “pulled up the ladder” though. When I was Millennial-aged I was starting to buy (at 14% interest!) and restore duplexes so I had very used bikes and cars.

    “Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer” is not only a mouthful of a title, but still makes me laugh at it’s oxy moronacy. I’m sure it’s a great bike though.


    Great choices. The Griso is a pleasant addition. I would only add the Street Triple.

    • DickRuble

      I don’t think you’re a millennial..

      • JMDGT


        • DickRuble

          Don’t worry.. they’ll do a top ten trikes for boomers next month.

  • Tyler Beyl

    Amazing how the article assumes that millennial only want cafe racer bikes. I do admit the cafe racer is a sexy machine and I wouldn’t mind owning a few myself, but come on, a top 10 motorcycles for millennial should include more types of bike than this. Where are the super nakeds, the super sports, the adventure touring class, etc?

    • Andrew Chukavin

      Yeah, I was thinking it was a “top 10 classic bikes” article. Or perhaps it was a “click the button 10 times for advertisement sake” article.

    • c w

      Consider the source.

      (i.e. author)

    • DickRuble

      When your statistical sampling is based on one, expect surprising results.

  • Jason

    Interesting. Apparently 20 somethings want bikes styled like the bikes of their parent’s youth.

    It is also interesting that your kid is just barely a millennial. The youngest Millennial is 20 now and the oldest ones are approaching 40. I’m just barely a Gen-Xer and find myself to be an interesting mix of the Gen-X and Millennial generations.

    • spiff

      Their Grandfather’s bike. Well, almost.

  • Dootin

    So millennial’s are afraid of horse power?

    • spiff

      JB’s boy is cruising on a naked R1.