6. Polaris Launches the Slingshot


If it walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. But though it looks like a car, drives like a car and has seatbelts like a car, the government calls the Polaris Slingshot a motorcycle (except in Texas, where they do things a little different, apparently).

Since it’s officially considered a motorcycle, the Slingshot therefore falls within MO’s domain, so we didn’t just review it, we also pit it against the Can-Am Spyder and the Morgan 3 Wheeler in one of our most-read shoot-outs of the year (which is impressive, considering it was only published in December).

Duke’s Den – That’s Not A Motorcycle!

Whether we agree with the government’s definition of motorcycles (Editor-in-Chief Kevin Duke does not), it still amazes us how huffy people can get about it. We can always expect at least a few Facebook commenters expressing how mortally offended they are at seeing vehicles like the Slingshot on MO. Relax, people. It’s just a trike.

  • People complain that we always do TEST RIDE reviews on performance bikes, most of them are very expensive so to end that trend we will start doing a series of reviews on low cc, more economical and easy to buy bikes. We start with this, Victor R V80 Xpress.


    This is the same company that gave us a head blowing Lifan KP150, only this time a bike that is easy to use and easy to buy. The bike is fitted with a small 80cc engine which only produces 5 BHP and 4.5 NM of torque. It has a 4 speed gear box which is very noisy at times and all the gear changes are forward.See More