2. Harley-Davidson Goes Electric


It still sounds like an April Fool’s prank, but it’s true. Harley-Davidson is developing an electric motorcycle. To some of the Motor Company’s detractors, it’s the motorcycle equivalent of strapping a jetpack on a dinosaur, but you have to admit, that would be pretty awesome too.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire First Ride

Forward-thinking from a company notorious for clinging to its heritage, Harley-Davidson made headlines in both the motorcycle and mainstream media with its its Project LiveWire prototype. Harley was pretty canny about the LiveWire introduction too, conveniently announcing the project just as some eager eyes noticed the electric motorcycle was spotted on the set of the new Avengers movie. Think about it: photos of the LiveWire on set were taken back in April, but people only started noticing what it was in June, mere days before Harley-Davidson’s announcement. This was no accident.

Harley-Davidson just completed a 30-city cross-country tour collecting feedback on the LiveWire. Although no definitive production plans have been revealed for the LiveWire, Harley-Davidson deserves kudos for venturing into the electric motorcycle business.

  • People complain that we always do TEST RIDE reviews on performance bikes, most of them are very expensive so to end that trend we will start doing a series of reviews on low cc, more economical and easy to buy bikes. We start with this, Victor R V80 Xpress.


    This is the same company that gave us a head blowing Lifan KP150, only this time a bike that is easy to use and easy to buy. The bike is fitted with a small 80cc engine which only produces 5 BHP and 4.5 NM of torque. It has a 4 speed gear box which is very noisy at times and all the gear changes are forward.See More