5. Honda Grom Reignites Interest in Minibikes

2014 Honda Grom

They say good things come in small packages, and we didn’t need to look far to find an example in the Honda Grom. Honda announced the modern Monkey Bike in early January as the MSX125, drawing a strong reaction from our readers. The lightweight 125cc Grom offers a newbie-friendly package for beginners while also bringing back fond memories of the Z50 Monkey Bikes of the late ’60s and ’70s. The reaction was even greater in May when American Honda announced it would offer the minibike as the Grom. With such a strong buzz surround the Grom, we decided to give one away!

The Grom helped reignite interest in minibikes and the fun these ¾- sized motorcycles offer. Our post about the Kawasaki KSR Pro mini-supermoto got a lot of notice, and Suzuki introduced an electric minibike concept in the Extrigger. Granted, the Extrigger remains just a concept and the KSR Pro is likely only going to be available in Asia, but with the Grom reportedly flying out of dealerships, you have to believe the other manufacturers are taking note.