10. Sons of Anarchy


I was never bitten by the SOA bug. Maybe that’s because I have this silly fantasy of motorcycling being a force of good in the world. Still, I’ve seen enough of these folks riding around that the this meme made me chuckle. The only other riding gear that has ever made me laugh harder was the time – in the pre-Polaris Indian days – that I saw I guy riding his overpriced, S&S powered “Indian” on Hollywood Boulevard while wearing a Harley-Davidson jacket. Kinda summed up how I felt. So does this meme.

  • Goose

    I enjoy these silly 10 lists but this one sets a new standard. Great job.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I don’t know if it really fits here in this list, but i think it’s just too good to ignore it.

    • Evans Brasfield

      A similar one almost made it into the list. 🙂

  • Re: #1, …you forgot the ass pinching.

  • fastfreddie
  • Craig Hoffman

    Fun article. I wanna play too!



  • Ajit Menon

    this is cricket which is the only game played in the country where i’m from

  • Sloan McKenzy


  • Jeff LaLone

    I’m not sure what exactly the bike in #5 is (2000-ish CR250 set up for asphalt?), but I REALLY want to swing a leg over it!

  • Ajit Menon

    found a really good one recently

  • Jon Kanter

    Hey, #1 is my Meme!!! How cool, it started on my photo page Jkanter Photography and has over 75K views. Cool!

    • Evans Brasfield

      Cool! As I wrote, it is the one that inspired this whole top 10 list.

  • Rick Forristall