Sliding a hunk o’ pipe over your ratchet handle is tempting when confronting the enemy bolt securing your old GS head pipe or whathaveyou, but when that bolt snaps off with a tiny but expensive tink, you’ll wish you’d been a bit more patient. A little WD-40 spritz the night before the mechanical assault, a little Liquid Wrench, might be all you need to avert what Valentino Rossi calls il disastro. And when that doesn’t work, a blast of hotness from a $17 propane torch can usually take the starch out of the stiffest bolt’s defense – especially if it’s got blue Loctite or something on it, like the bolts that hold your brake discs on. Ex-Cycle magazine editor Phil Schilling used to call me “Bernzomatic,” sniff. Careful not to set yourself on fire.