A week ago Evans Brasfield and I scratched an item from our respective bucket lists when we finished an Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000. Satisfied with our accomplishment (which Evans will be documenting in a soon to be published memoir on MO), curiosity of other motorcycle endurance records had me searching the internet. What I found was a variety of increasingly peculiar endurance records comprising this week’s Top 10.

A few of these aren’t specifically 24-hour records, and a couple more don’t actually include motorcycles, but the accomplishments are no less amazing with courage and strength of character on full display. The first in the list should inspire all motorcyclists to what is possible, as well as what age is considered old.

UPDATE: One of these records has already fallen, just eight days after we published this story.

  • Vijay Ranganathan

    All good stories of endurance. Story #10 makes me feel young all over again 🙂

  • MyName

    For the full leathers marathon, do you have to wear moto boots and a helmet?

    • I don’t think so, but I only know what was written on the Guinness website.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      I would think so, otherwise you are just wearing a leather jacket and pants which is not much of a record.

  • Old MOron

    Some of these are pretty moving. Good finds, T-rod.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    In 1987 I rode back from Daytona Bike Week to Fort Worth TX on my 1986 Harley Softail Custom: 1224 miles in 23 hours. Rode through the night, and next morning I was going to sleep on the motorcycle, nearly riding off the road, but arrived home safely (except for one small crash in Louisiana while trying to stop under a freeway light to look at the map and not noticing the construction curb in the dark – hurt my knee but kept riding anyway). The whole trip was 4,000 miles in 7 days. Later in August during the hot TX summer, rode to the top of Manitoba Canada in search of cooler weather 5,000 miles round trip in 10 days.

  • Old MOron

    “which Evans will be documenting in a soon to be published memoir on MO”
    So Evans, are you saving this one for a rainy day?

  • kenneth_moore

    What is it with Indian riders (the nation, not the bike) and weird riding feats? I’ve seen them on ladders balanced on bikes, guys on each other’s shoulders, standing on their heads. Maybe there’s something in Kingfisher beer…

  • denchung

    One of these records has already fallen, broken just eight days after we posted this list: http://blog.motorcycle.com/2017/03/06/oddities/carl-reese-sets-new-24-hour-track-distance-world-record/

  • Kiley Kennaway

    Hoka Hey?
    that should be on the top of this list