Top 10 Motorcycle Apps

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3. Yelp (Free. Android, iOS, Windows)


If you’re reading this and you don’t know about the Yelp app by now, just what exactly do you do online?! While many of us use it to find the perfect burrito or happy hour near our home or office, we sometimes forget that Yelp makes a great companion during, or after, a long journey to find anything from a great meal to a reputable motorcycle shop, should you need to fix something on the road. Yes, you have to be wary with sites like Yelp, which sometimes bump favorable reviews to the top and negative ones to the bottom, but overall it is a great resource on or off the motorcycle.

More about the app: Yelp

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  • Gabe Ets-Hokin

    Nice story, Trizzle! Readers can also check out: Park the Bike, which shows moto-parking near you, the AMA Superbike and Flat Track apps, which give you real-time, lap-by-lap results of live races, an app I use called “Speed,” which you can use to measure speed without a nav app, gas buddy, which uses crowd-sourced info to get you the cheapest gas, and my new favorite: I Pee Address, which finds you the nearest public restroom!

  • John B.

    “Put the phone away and just ride!” Right on.

  • David Gasser

    I love Moto Minder…great for keeping track of all of your maintenance performed and timelines…especially if you have multiple motorcycles.