5. Camp Where ($4.99, Android, iOS)


This one is for the adventurers who like going off the beaten path. The ones who prefer campgrounds to hotels, and pack tents on the back of their adventure bikes. The Camp Where app gives detailed information on “over 11,500 public campgrounds in the United States and Canada.” These include national parks, national forests, state parks, state forests, Canadian provincial parks, and county and city campgrounds, all accessible by car or motorcycle. What’s more, much of the information on the app is accessible without the need for an internet connection.

Coordinate information is available for each campground, allowing you to input exact directions into a GPS device. Camp Where even provides information like phone numbers, reservation info, RV hookups, and weather information so you can make an informed decision on which campground to ride to. While the app is optimized for iOS devices, the link below will also take Android users to a less-optimal, but equally informative version.

More about the app: Camp Where

  • Nice story, Trizzle! Readers can also check out: Park the Bike, which shows moto-parking near you, the AMA Superbike and Flat Track apps, which give you real-time, lap-by-lap results of live races, an app I use called “Speed,” which you can use to measure speed without a nav app, gas buddy, which uses crowd-sourced info to get you the cheapest gas, and my new favorite: I Pee Address, which finds you the nearest public restroom!

  • John B.

    “Put the phone away and just ride!” Right on.

  • David Gasser

    I love Moto Minder…great for keeping track of all of your maintenance performed and timelines…especially if you have multiple motorcycles.

  • Allow me to introduce http://www.tourstart.org which is my web page where motorcyclists from more than 50 countries have created 15 000 private and public motorcycle rides. On the web page you can find events, tour, bike clubs and ride planner. All tours can be transferred to at Garmin or TomTom. Further, we have an iPonne app with voice guidede turn-by-turn navigation, so whether you create the ride on the app or web, you have instant access to the rides, and by a single click you start the navigation. Price?? Free to download and use – the only cost is a minor subscription fee to use use the navi.

  • James Boyles

    Something here for every rider.

  • Joel Martin

    Good suggestions! I’ll have to try the Pirelli Diablo Super Biker. Another app that I found useful was the Law Tigers app in case of an accident

  • Matt Thomas

    Looks like there is a new app from Butler maps guys. Rever.co looks really good! Love butler maps, so anything they do has gotta be good.

  • OK, I’m not totally objective (just so you know), but just check out MotoMap on my site MotoMappers.com It’s my pride and joy; The result of my year long quest for the perfect Motorcycle Navigation App.

    MotoMap’s just been updated and let’s you:
    – Access Thousands of Scenic Routes
    – Navigate Routes
    – Track your Rides
    – Import GPX Files

    Just check it out. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it 🙂

    • Cage SC

      I suppose I could see a use for this app by Touring (Gold Wing), or Sport Touring (BMW), or maybe even high-end Harley weekend riders, since they are most likely to have compatible phones. But I don’t know a single true Biker in my whereabouts that can afford, much less have, an iOS type phone, so what good is your app for those of us that put in 12-24K+ miles a year on our cruisers, but would rather spend money on our passions, food or each other than giving it to Apple for a status symbol no Biker gives two shakes about?

      • I get your point. Although I don’t quite agree with the iPhone being a status symbol. I guess opinions vary on that one 🙂
        Anyway, once the financials are right, I’ll invest in an Android version. Unfortunately not in the position to develop on 2 platforms at the same time.

        • Cage SC

          Kudos for bikering up and answering back.

      • joshua willuhn

        Hey I couldn’t afford an iPhone so I made RideData for Android check it out? http://RideData.net https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joshkw.ridefo

    • Bring out an android version also, please.

  • skredrick

    Im looking for a trip trakcker app. So, every time I stop I can update my trip on Facebook, twitter, etc. Kind of mapquest route map with pinned out stops. Seen anything like that? Im leaving for Sturgis and thought a route update would be fun.

  • Simon Paterson

    What about free apps that use bluetooth to allow $5 headsets, fitted to your helmet, to be used as intercoms; Apps that read your notifications (with all sorts of settings); Apps that allow quite specific and personalised voice control of your smart phone, including managing apps not designed for voice. There are plenty and they are free. This list is pretty limited and unimaginative if you ask me…

  • Fad


    Hey guys, happy to introduce my Motorcycle android app, feed back are welcomed and appreciated.

  • Alexander Vostrikov

    Hey guys, one more app can be useful for both newbies and experienced riders – Motorcycle Safety Test – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alphasquaredtechnologies.motosafetytest

    It is a riding safety quizzes app, focusing mostly on safety, not on the local rules of road. Check out! Live free, ride hard!.. and safe!

  • RicIp

    Take a look at BikeTrip (www.biketripapp.com) for iPhones. Highlights are the displayed lean angle (calculated from gps data), bends counter, lots of trip information, tracking of a tour and export it as HTML-file which can be viewed in any internet browser…

  • Hi Everyone. My new app Scenic was released in the App Store just last week. It has full turn-by-turn and voice guidance, you can make any GPX navigable, create your own routes and track and documents your rides. Feedback of users has been awesome so far. Give it a try if you want. It’s free to download. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1089668246 and here is a video of the app in action: https://youtu.be/rKavcXRm4P0

  • Rider2Rider Assist

    Hello we want to share with you http://www.r2rassist.com it is the first bikers assistance social network App in the world, designed by bikers for bikers
    As you may know currently around the world efforts have begun to form various communities in different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp among others, which aim to identify a volunteer in different regions and countries to share their mobile number to be called or texted in case a rider´s emergency occurs, however, it does not guarantee the availability of people when the event occurs.
    With a touch of a botton #R2RAssist will send different alert signals with your position to your group members and members of friend groups worldwide so in case of an emergency from a flat tire to a crash bikers can receive the kind of assistance they need in the shortest time possible, instead of trying to reach help by calling any number of people and trying to explain where they are is…
    I invite you to try it as it’s free for download at the google playstore & if you find it usefull please share with your readers… we are a couple of weeks away for the iOS and Windows phone release…
    You can find the user and setup guide at our webpage…
    Thank you so much for your time… #RideSafe and Godspeed

  • prasanna
  • Ryan Shearman

    @Troy Siahaan – are you planning to publish an updated version of this list? A lot has changed since 2014.

  • Big Al

    Hey everyone!

    There’s a great app called Wolfpack (www.wolfpack.run) that reinvents the group riding experience by making it easy to plan your ride and invite friends, as well as navigate, communicate and keep track of the riding group using a radar system.

    Watch this quick video for more info. Then download Wolfpack by clicking this link: onelink.to/9kmw37

    Ride safe!


  • Karina Fomina

    Did you know about IdeasMotors app for motorcyclists? This mobile App will enable motorcycle enthusiasts to access all Europe-wide (and more) motorcycle events in one place! https://www.ideasmotors.com
    Download IdeasMotors app FOR FREE and have more than 20 000 events at your fingertips! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8a88878a18e5e282c7f6f42d3056c2accf7de361b0f50811f6c11ea9f035295e.jpg