1. Chicks will dig you.


Dudes will dig you, if you’re a chick. But sadly, I have found the reverse not to be the case for most of my moto-brethren. Though gender roles have most definitely been changing ever since the invention of the birth-control pill and the Reagan Economic Miracle (that sent everybody’s mom into the workforce), prehistoric mating habits die hard: Most egg bearers will look at you on your motorcycle and see a risk-taking, non-prosperous individual who is probably not a good long-term provider. Eight times out of ten, she is correct. The only women who have ever expressed interest in yours truly as a result of motorcycles have been pre-existing motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, interested mostly in obtaining free goods or services in exchange for, well, we’re still waiting. These women are not good providers either, as it turns out, so count your blessings and keep your love life separate is my advice. For what it’s worth. Not much. Are we charging to read MO again? Didn’t think so.