1. High-Tech Everything


Futuristic helmet tech from #9 is already here – or almost here. The Skully AR-1 has heads-up rearview and GPS displays inside its Photochromic shield, although lengthy delays in achieving production of the Skully has frustrated early adopters who are still waiting for their AR-1s. Combined with Bluetooth and your iPhone 10, you should be able to launch nuclear strikes from your motorcycle. Maybe not that, but avoiding traffic jams and heavy weather, finding a nice Airbnb, and changing modes from Tout to Sport will at some point be doable by just telling Siri to snap to. I want good pizza, I want a queen-size and a Jacuzzi, I want to speak to my clergyperson, I want to record every ride to use in court against the next William Crum. Radar detection is a given. Where it goes from here is really impossible for my limited imagination to say.

BMW’s Motorcycle Helmet HUD

When I started riding, you adjusted your ride mode by riding a different bike, and if you needed to communicate with somebody, you found a pay phone and rustled up some change. How terribly quaint. I can’t wait to see what’s next.