Since cats and porn seem to be the two most popular internet topics, I thought what better way to attract attention to MO than by combining such popularity with motorcycling. After exploring the idea further, I discovered that, when it comes to both motorcycles and porn, there’s a lot more male-on-male than I ever would have guessed. Be warned, unless that’s your thing, then grab the hand lotion. Anyway, I was told after the fact that the motorcycles and porn idea was too racy, even for MO. So here’s the second most popular internet topic and motorcycles. Unsurprisingly, a lot of porn came up even when I was researching this!

10. Jaguar Bike

Uh, what to say. Certainly, many feel this should be number 10,000 on the list, but it sure pops up in a lot of online search results for motorcycles and cats. The Night-Shadow is one of many concepts from Massow Concept Cycles, but apparently was the only one that made it into production (thank god?).

9. Panther Motorcycles

When it comes to Panthers (a.k.a. jaguars), this is a decidedly cooler take on the feline theme. Constructed by Phelon and Moore from 1932 to 1963, the Panther is recognizable by way of its “Sloper” engine, used as a stressed member of the frame. The nicely drawn lady atop the Panther was inspiration for #8 in this list.

8. Motorcycle Catsuits

Google “motorcycle catsuit” and among the numerous body-accentuating onesies, you’ll find this image of Shania Twain in concert. The motorcycle is supposedly representative of a horse, but who cares, Shania looks great in her cat outfit.

7. Leopard

From catsuits, our line of thinking ventured, of course, to leopard. Fake or real, leopard print is always the go-to big cat hide with which to outfit yourself or your motorcycle. Fifty years from now we’ll have to explain to our children what a leopard was, but rest assured they’ll still dig the print.

6. Lions

The tag line at the bottom of the advertisement for Piaggio’s MP3 reads, “So stable, you’ll think it’s a car.” The MP3 may be stable, but those two lions are going to eat that dude.

5. Mini Cats

Satoshi Araki is a Japanese off-road motorcycle and cat lover. He makes a living creating miniaturized dioramas but specializes in detailing chaotic cityscapes. Araki adds decay to his artwork by using knives to create rust and peeling paint. Check out more of his efforts here.

4. Cat Helmets

From Hello Kitty to Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, there’s no shortage or variation of cat-themed motorcycle helmets. We couldn’t include them all here, but think how cool it’d be wearing your lion balaclava underneath your lion helmet. Roar!

3. Sidecar Cat

We think that’s a cat. Regardless, whoever created this sidecar out of 50-gallon drum deserves credit for creativity. Not sure how well the Suzuki TU250Volty” and its 14.8 horsepower does pulling that thing, but kudos nonetheless. Note the sidecar’s fender, a section of a car tire.

2. Track Cat

This image has been floating around the interwebs for quite some time. You’ve probably seen it, but maybe not. We want to believe it’s real. If it’s not and you have proof, keep it to yourself. Anyway, not much exists combining cats and race bikes, and this is one of the coolest.

1. Catwoman

Both of these catwomen rode motorcycles in their respective movies: Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Halle Berry in Catwoman (2004). The Dark Knight Rises was a better movie, but at least the Ducati Monster in Catwoman was a real motorcycle. We’ll let you choose your own #1 and runner-up, but our vote goes to Halle.