7. Honda VFR800 $12,499


At the other end of Honda’s price spectrum for this category is the legendary Interceptor. The 782cc, 90º V-4 engine features Honda’s VTEC technology which Evans describes here in his 2014 Honda Interceptor review. “Honda says it directed its efforts towards improving low- to mid-range power and smoothing the hit provided by the VTEC. To restructure the power delivery, the engineers created new cam profiles, ported the heads and lengthened the funnels on the intake tract.” The Interceptor comes standard with saddlebag mounting bracketry, but the color-matched accessory saddlebags add an extra $950 to the price of the bike. There’s also a DLX model for $13,499 that adds ABS, traction control, grip heaters and self-canceling turn signals.