1. Yamaha FJ-09


Yamaha hit a homerun with introduction of the the FZ-09. When engineers mounted the wonderful Triple powering the FZ into a Sport-Adventure chassis, creating the FJ-09, Yamaha created another success story. Already the winner of a couple shootouts such as Land Of The Roosting Sun: Four Far-Flung Adventure Bikes From Japan!, and our Three-Cylinder Sport-Adventure Comparison: Moderation In All Adventurers, the FJ is a bike that offers excellent performance, practical capabilities and multi-tasking for an affordable price. “For making every day an adventure, the FJ-09 is going to be a really tough bike for anybody to beat. Yamaha is on an absolute tear,” is Burns’ conclusion at the end of the Three-Cylinder Sport-Adventure Comparison. With the FZ-07 already available to consumers, we know an FJ-07 can’t be far behind.