2. Triumph Tiger 800


Introduced in 2011, the Tiger 800 was updated in 2015, and Triumph has increased the variety of Tigers to include four models: Tiger 800XC, Tiger 800XCx, Tiger 800XR and Tiger 800XRx. Read about the differences between each Tiger here. The total number of available Tigers, though, will reach six with the announcement in May of two more Tiger 800 models, the Tiger 800 XRT and Tiger 800 XCA.

2014 BMW F800GS Adventure vs. Triumph Tiger 800XC

Recently we pit the Tiger XRx against Yamaha’s FJ-09 in our Three-Cylinder Sport-Adventure Comparison. When the numbers were tallied, both Burns and I could justify spending the extra cash on the XRx, giving the Tiger the win in our subjective scoring: 88.3% for the Triumph vs 86.4% for the Yamaha. However, when the objective scores were factored in, the FJ took the overall win.