3. VFR750R/RC30


When the World Superbike Championship was launched in 1988, Honda was ready with a homologated, street-legal racer; the VFR750R, better known here as the RC30. This race bike with mirrors retailed for the princely sum of $15k when production 750s such as Gixxers and Ninjas cost approximately half as much. But the RC30 was no common sportbike. Hand built rather than assembled on a production line, the 748cc, 16-valve, DOHC, 90-degree V-Four featured items such as gear-driven cams and titanium connecting rods. It was also Honda’s first street-legal sportbike to have an aluminum twin-spar frame and a single-sided “Pro-Arm.” Well-preserved models are as valuable now as they were 24 years ago (for sale in America in 1990), while unridden examples are almost priceless.