9. CBX


If you’re a motorcycle engine aficionado then you must have a soft spot for the CBX. There’s nary an angle from which to view the CBX without its engine being the focal point. The CBX wasn’t Honda’s first inline-Six, but it was the largest-displacement, street-legal inline-Six Honda ever produced. It was the motorcycle meant to put Honda back on the performance map after having grown somewhat stagnant following the launch of its revolutionary CB750 Four. Available to American consumers in 1979, the 1,047cc DOHC, 24-valve inline-Six was fed by six individual Keihin carburetors. Claimed horsepower was 103 at 9,000 rpm, and its top speed was a reported 140 mph.

“The CBX is a mountain road flyer beyond anyone’s wildest dreams,” said the February 1978 issue of Cycle magazine. Sadly, the CBX wasn’t a great sales success and it only lasted in the new bike lineup for four years. For its first two years the CBX strutted around in unfaired, superbike nakedness, then morphed into a sport-tourer for its final two years of existence in ’81 and ’82.