3. Bazzaz ZFi TC – $849

Bazzaz Z Fi TC

If you have a Honda CBR1000RR or another possibly older model sportbike lacking the newest go-fast technology it’s a lot easier and far more affordable to purchase and install a Bazzaz ZFi TC module than it is to purchase a new motorcycle. Constructed to plug directly into your bike’s ECU the ZFi TC enhances your non-techie bike’s performance with the addition of traction control, a quick shifter and the ability to fine-tune your bike’s fueling. Fine tuning the TC, quick-shifting and fueling properties with Bazzaz’s ZFi TC is easy with their free software download. The kit comes complete with everything you need to bring your sportbike to the forefront of motorcycle electronics. Check out our coverage of Bazzaz at the AIMExpo here.