8. Leatt STX RR Neck Brace – $549

Leatt STX-RR Neck Brace

For the roadracer in your life there’s probably no better new-to-the-scene safety equipment than Leatt’s STX RR neck brace. As Editor Siahaan commented in his review of the Leatt neck brace, “I don’t think you’ll find anyone against the advancement of rider safety in this sport, especially when it comes to the neck and spine. In this regard Dr. Leatt and his team deserve praise for their commitment to make motorcycling safer.”

Constructed of carbon fiber, the STX RR weighs only 1.55 pounds. Easy to put on, the brace features two quick-turn screws for emergency removal to eliminate interfering with a rider’s neck or head.

New Protective Gear From Leatt – More Than Just Neck Braces