3. TCX R-S2 EVO Boots $429.99

TCX R-S2 Boots

Riding boots, especially racing ones, are a touchy subject. You want maximum feel and protection without having to wear them for long periods of time for proper break-in. The TCX R-S2 EVO delivers on all those fronts, as editor Roderick points out in his review.

Slip them on over your leathers, inflate the air bladder using the Precise Air Fit System (PAFS), and go on with your ride as normal. More than just a motorcycle version of the popular Reebok Pumps from the early 1990s, the R-S2 EVO also features TCX’s Torsion Control System (TCS) to allow the ankle to flex only in its natural motion, and the Metatarsal Control System (MCS) to protect the delicate bones in your foot. If you or someone you know is riding around in boots as old as the Reeboks, maybe it’s time to think about upgrading to something a little better this holiday season.