10. Alpinestars GT-S X-Trafit Glove $209.95

Alpinestars GT-S X-Trafit Glove

If you’re fortunate enough to be living in an area where you can still ride this time of year 1) Consider yourself lucky. 2) Consider a pair of the Alpinestars GS-S X-Trafit gloves. Just because there isn’t snow or ice where you live doesn’t mean the air isn’t chilly.

One of the major complaints we hear about winter riding gloves is their awkward bulkiness, which makes it difficult to feel the controls. Alpinestars’ X-Trafit line of gloves solves that problem. A revised construction process laminates the outer layer to the Gore-Tex membrane and inner layer below it, creating a sealed triple layer structure much thinner than that used on conventional cold-weather gloves with “floating” layers. The result is better feel that’s instantly noticeable the moment you slip it on.