5. Honda NC700X


Though some complain (including us) that Honda’s shirked its sportbike duties lately, it has been doing more than its share for those of us whose buying power has, shall we say, eroded since the Bush Economic Miracle. I haven’t got the kids on staff to come around yet (since people keep loaning them Ducatis and S1000XR BMWs and things), but this Honda is the ultimate codger/cheapskate bike. So what if it only revs to 7000 rpm, so does a Corvette (or does it?). Get the awesome DCT (upgraded for ’16 with three new Sport modes) and you don’t have to concern yourself with shifting. Sixty-plus mpg is a big deal for people who don’t have a company gas card. The ability to swing by the CVS to pick up the gallon of stuff you flush yourself out with prior to your colonoscopy and stash it discreetly out of sight, is almost the most magnificent thing about the NC (and the 5.8-gallon storage compartment is 0.25-gallon bigger this year!). The ergonomics and ride are impeccable. What a great motorcycle except there’s no cruise control.