1. Gratitude


Though I may have lost track at various unpleasant waypoints over the last couple of decades of what a solid Phil Schilling did me when he gave me my first job, I’m now at a place where I can truly appreciate what a lucky bastard I am to find myself having a herd of cute nurses and smart doctors (from India) willing (even enthusiastic!) to inspect my rectum with a small camera, and also to find myself riding the finest transportation devices man has ever created, along the most beautiful terrain (on the way up the Pacific coast to Oregon), with some of the best humans the man upstairs ever created.

While much of the rest of the world is fleeing terrorism, losing loved ones to mass shootings and disease, struggling to feed itself, working to save the planet – my most pressing concerns lately consist of whatever drivel I’ll come up with for next week’s column – after I get back from riding the new Triumph Street Twin in Espana. And everybody who rides a motorcycle, I think, can relate at least a little. God bless us, as Tiny Tim said, every one.